Annika B

Annika B

Legitimerad veterinär Svensk och europeisk specialist i kirurgi Doktorsexamen i kirurgi Docent
Annika B
Legitimerad veterinär Svensk och europeisk specialist i kirurgi Doktorsexamen i kirurgi Docent


  • Ortopedisk kirurgi
  • Avancerad mjukdelskirurgi


  • Veterinärexamen
  • Specialistkompetens i hundens och kattens sjukdomar
  • Specialist i kirurgi
  • Diplomerad kirurgi (ECVS)
  • Doktorsexamen inom ämnet kirurgi
  • Docent


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  • Dystocia in the bitch, 2009.

Pågående forskningsprojekt

  • Elbow disease in the Swedish Dog population
  • Stem cell therapy as a treatment in dogs suffering with elbow disease.
  • Occurrence of surgical site infections in dogs and cats, multicentre study including five different counties.

Handledare till doktorander

  • In December 2019 Gudrun Seeberg Boge, NMBU, Oslo, defended her PhD thesis ”Epidemiology of orthopedic conditions on companion animals with emphasis on cranial cruciate ligament disease”. I was her main supervisor and we still have now some ongoing project being prepared for submission
  • Assistant supervisor for Karolina Engdahl, KV, SLU, “The epidemiology of stifle joint disease in dogs”
  • Assistant supervisor for Lisen Schortz, PhD Student at the University of Lincoln, UK, “An organizational methodology and impact analysis for medical incidents and patient safety improvements in veterinary care”

Presentationer vid internationella konferenser

  • BSAVA congress April 2006. Clinical Research Abstract.
  • ECVS congress June-July 2006. Resident forum presentation.
  • Wound healing in dogs and cats for veterinarians, November 2008
  • Safe Surgical Checklist, ECVS Berlin 2015, Poster.
  • Wound management in small animals, Stockholm AniCura Togetherness February 2018


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Veterinary textbook

  • Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine ED8, Editors, Ettinger, S.J., Feldman, E. C., Côté, E. 2017, Chapter 316, “Pyometra and Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia”, Volume 2, page 1878.


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