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Welcome to AniCura Läckeby Animal Clinic!

A veterinary clinic for small animals just north of Kalmar in Sweden's southeast coast.

In AniCura Läckeby Animal Clinic, with branches, work veterinarians and paramedics to ensure a very good care 24 hours a day for your pet, every day. We are opened 8-22 everyday and our stationary care is always opened for inscribed patients.

We have trained night nurses, who are used to work at both operational and emergency and critical care.
Any day of the year, here are skills covering everything from preventive care to specialized surgery, rehabilitation with watermobilizer, emergency care, laboratory and much more.

The waiting room is a well-stocked store with dog and cat food from Hill's Pet Nutrition and Royal Canin, and various accessories for dogs and cats. There are also coffee, drink, ice cream, sandwiches and sweets for sale.

It is good if you have valid insurance information with and dog passports and personal identification. Pedigree needed for inspection, vaccination and hip x-ray. Are you having an animal with suspected infection, as diarrhoea, vomiting, itching, or cough?  Then let your pet stay in the car or out while you register at the reception.

Welcome! 0480-42 97 00

Phone: 0900-10 55 05




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