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tPA Deficiency in Mice Leads to Rearrangement in the Cerebrovascular Tree and Cerebroventricular Malformations.

Linagliptin enhances neural stem cell proliferation after stroke in type 2 diabetic mice.

Acute regulation of pancreatic islet microcirculation and glycaemia by telmisartan and ramipril: discordant effects between normal and type 2 diabetic rats.

The DPP-4 inhibitor linagliptin counteracts stroke in the normal and diabetic mouse brain: a comparison with glimepiride.

Early intervention with liraglutide improves glucose tolerance without affecting islet microcirculation in young Goto-Kakizaki rats.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor activation reduces ischaemic brain damage following stroke in Type 2 diabetic rats.

GLP-1, exendin-4 and C-peptide regulate pancreatic islet microcirculation, insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in rats.


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