Work at AniCura Kumla Animal Hospital

We are always welcoming new colleges who are interested in working with us at AniCura Animal Hospital in Kumla.

AniCura Kumla Animal hospital

You find AniCura Kumla animal hospital in Kumla, a small town only 20 minutes from Sweden’s 6th largest village, Örebro. The animal hospital is a emergency animal hospital with 65 employees and we provide high quality veterinary care for mostly dogs and cats but also for other small pets. AniCura’s ambition is to be the most attractive employer within veterinary care. We dedicate significant time and resources into developing our employees, as we know that high employee satisfaction is key to reaching our goals of providing a best in class medical quality and customer service. In AniCura Kumla animal hospital you will find a lot of modern technique that makes if possible for us to do advanced operations in many areas.

We are always welcoming new colleges who are interested in working with us. You do not have to speak or understand Swedish fluently but you have to have the ambition to learn the language as you are working with us. We offer a safe and accurate introduction for all our new staff, it is important for us that you feel comfortable in your new role and there will always be people to help you.

Our different departments:

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Emergency program for veterinarians and veterinary nurse

At AniCura Kumla animal hospital we have a newly developed emergency program for veterinarians and veterinary nurse who would like to work at the emergency department. The emergency program runs during one year combined with you working as a vet or nurse at AniCura Kumla animal hospital. Within one year you will learn more about emergency care, image diagnostics, surgery training and laboratory diagnostics. This is a unique program only at AniCura Kumla that will give you the best possible start in your career.

Living in Örebro everything is possible

Örebro is a beautiful city with 150.000 citizens, with a living town and a wonderful nature. The Heart of Sweden is the Örebro Region, situated at Sweden’s demographic centre – with Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg just a few hours away and direct train connections. Here you will find Bergslagsleden, one of Sweden’s finest lowland trails, inter-connecting the region like arteries. Running parallel to Bergslagsleden and through its enchanting wilderness, are our wonderful bike trails.

In the center of Örebro you will find Örebro castle, pubs, restaurants, hotels and great shopping. Örebro is a living city where the city events are replacing each other every month. It is also a great city for those who like sports and outdoor activities both in summer and in winter.  Örebro has a attractive university with some of the best education programs in the country. Also these is just a short bike ride or bus ride to almost everything, that is another uniqueness to the city.

Do not forget that Örebro and Kumla are placed in the centre of Sweden and from here you have the opportunity to travel all around the country at weekends and holiday with bus, train and flight.

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Walk to work, live in Kumla

As mentioned AniCura Kumla animal hospital is located in the small town Kumla, just a 20 minute bus or train ride from Örebro. Kumla is a community that is growing and there is a spirit of new construction and development. You find the beautiful nature just around the corner, a newly built swimming arena with pools both inside and outside and train service directly to Stockholm and Gothenburg. Kumla is perfect for those who like small town life and glowing nature for family life.

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